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Meet some of our leading academic team!

Experts from the corporate and academic world delivering cutting-edge curriculum to the students of the Carl Benz Academy.


Helge Benz
Helge Benz is a training expert for HR development and leadership. He has been a partner at CN St. Gallen AG since 2009, where his focus is on human resources consulting. He has also worked as an international personnel development manager and as an internal human resources consultant for the worldwide subsidiaries of a global chemical company, conducting management trainings and advising top management in over 20 countries, primarily in the Asia Pacific region. He is a lecturer in several Bachelor and MBA courses for human resources topics and for intercultural management. After completing his studies with focus on human resources and organization he has taken many professional development training courses throughout his career.


Prof. Dr. Guenter Faltin
Prof. Dr. Guenter Faltin is Professor of Entrepreneurship and Head of Chair of Entrepreneurship at the Freie Universität Berlin. In 1985, he initiated the Teekampagne (‘tea campaign’), a venture that turned the German tea market upside down. Since initiating the Berlin-based ‘Entrepreneurship Lab’, Prof. Dr. Faltin has been a veritable business angel for successful start-ups and, through the Faltin Foundation for Entrepreneurship; he seeks to promote a new culture of entrepreneurship in Germany. In his best-selling book ‘Kopf schlägt Kapital’ (Brain Beats Capital), he proposes a radically new approach to generating entrepreneurial ventures with an emphasis on ecologically and culturally sensitive issues.


Dr. Brigitte Holzhauer
Dr. Brigitte Holzhauer is founder of the company Holzhauerei which has successfully supported companies, consultancies and institutes in the field of market and social research for many years. In addition to her occupation as a CEO, she is a trainer and lecturer for several Master courses focussing on methods of market and social research. In taught courses she covers many relevant topics: qualitative market and social research, consumer insight and target group research, trend monitoring and customer-oriented innovations, and also quantitative research and statistics. The combination of practical experience with research and teaching allows Dr. Holzhauer to deal with most relevant issues in market and social research.


Prof. Dr. Jochen Koch
Prof. Dr. Jochen Koch
Prof. Dr. Jochen Koch is Professor of Management and Organization at the Europa Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder. He studied Business Administration at the Universität Gießen and the Fernuniversität Hagen and received his doctorate and postdoctoral qualification from the Freie Universität Berlin. His research interests include modern and postmodern organization theory, theories of leadership, media management, and strategic management. Acclaimed and prolific, Prof. Dr. Koch's work has been published in leading national and international journals including, among others, the Academy of Management Review and Organization Studies. For more than a decade, Prof. Dr. Koch has also been involved in executive leadership training.


Prof. Dr. Ada Pellert
Prof. Dr. Ada Pellert
Prof. Dr. Ada Pellert is Professor of Business Administration and has been the President of DUW and Dean of the Department of Business and Management since 2009. She studied Business Administration at the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, where she received her doctorate in 1987, and since the 1990s has been working internationally as a consultant for higher education institutions and staff development in higher education and international comparative educational research. As a professor of business administration, Prof. Dr. Pellert is specialized in organizational development and educational management. Her specialties in teaching and research include change management, organization and personnel development, management and leadership in education, quality and diversity management, and lifelong learning strategies.


Dr. Roswitha Grassl
Dr. Roswitha Grassl
Dr. Roswitha Grassl is the manager of all study programs offered by of the Health Department at DUW Berlin University for Professional Studies. She holds a university degree in pedagogy, economics, and philology, and undertook her doctoral thesis on the interrelationship of physiology and epistemology. As a trained education researcher, Roswitha Grassl holds the position of Head of Program Development at DUW. Her fields of expertise are the didactics of distance education and academic teaching and learning. Further areas of particular interest to her are methodology, the philosophy of science, and epistemology.



Prof. Chen Yuyu
Prof. Chen Yuyu is Associate Professor at Guanghua School of Management, as well as Research Fellow at China Academy of Health Policy and Associate Director in Institute of Economic Policy Research of Peking University. He received his Ph.D. in 2002 from Australian National University where his majored in Economics. His research interest focuses on Inequality, Human capital, health, Productivity and growth. His teaching courses include Macroeconomics, Macroeconomic Policy and Applied Econometrics.


ZHOU Li'an / 周黎安
Prof. Zhou Li'an
Prof. Zhou Li'an is Professor of Economics at Guanghua School of Management. He also serves as Chairman of the Applied Economics Department, and Associate Director of the James Mirrless Institute of Economic Policy Research (IEPR). Prof. Zhou earned both his bachelor's and master's degrees from the School of Economics, Peking University, and a Ph.D. in economics from Stanford University. His research and teaching interests lie in the areas of Political Economy, Industrial Organization, Economic Transition and Development. His research papers have been published in leading international and domestic economic journals.


HUANG Huixin
Assoc. Prof. Huang Huixin
Prof. Huang Huixin is Associate Professor of Accounting at Guanghua School of Management of Peking University. She has been a teacher of Guanghua School of Management since 1993. Professor Huang has published and translated more than 20 articles or books, including the books ‘Financial Management’, ‘Management Accounting’, ‘Basic Accounting’ and the papers ‘The integrity of executives and accounting information quality costs improvement’, ‘Corporate Annual Reports: Booking information on the meaning of change’, ‘Corporate ownership and long-term performance manager - An Empirical Study’. Her research papers received Best Paper Award level nationwide.


Assoc. Prof. Ma Li
Prof. Ma Li is Associate Professor of Department of Organizational Management at Guanghua School of Management of Peking University. He earned his Ph.D. at University of Washington. Dr. Ma's current research interests include Self-esteem at work, Extra-role behaviors, Identity, Identification, and misidentification, Leadership, Negotiation, etc. His research has been accepted for publication in journals such as Leadership Quarterly, Human Relations Journal of Organizational Behavior, Economic Science, Tsinghua Science and Technology. Dr. Ma currently teaches courses in Management Research Methods, Organizational Behavior, Negotiation and Conflict Management, Doing Business in China, Managerial Perspectives and in Leadership.


PENG Siqing
Prof. Peng Siqing
Prof. Peng Siqing is Professor of Marketing at Guanghua School of Management of Peking University. He also serves as Chairman of Marketing Department. He got his Ph.D. in social psychology from the University of Hong Kong. His current research interests include consumer behavior, consumer-brand relationship, service marketing, and Chinese indigenous psychology. His work has been published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Journal of Personality, Culture and Psychology, Journal of Intercultural Relationship, Journal of Psychology in Chinese Societies, and other publications. He received the award of "PKU Prize for Teaching Excellence“ and several other awards.


Assoc. Prof. Luo Wei
Assoc. Prof. Luo Wei is an associate professor of accounting in Guanghua School of Management, Peking University. He received his doctor’s degree from University of Pittsburgh in 2005. Now He is a member of American Accounting Association (AAA), and serve as reviewers for academic journals such as Economic Research Journal, Chinese Accounting Review, Journal of Business Finance & Accounting, and Journal of Corporate Finance. His current research focuses on Corporate Governance, Venture Capital, Earnings Management, Managerial Compensation, and Voluntary Disclosure.


TANG Guozheng
Prof. Tang Guozheng
Prof. Tang Guozheng is an associate professor of department of finance at Guanghua School of Management in Peking University. He used to be visiting scholar in Kellogg Graduate School, Northwestern University. He graduated from department of mathematics, Peking University. Then he received his master degree and Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Institute of Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Now his academic interest is in Corporate Finance and Financial Engineering. His research articles have appeared in many academic journals including Economic Research Journal, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Journal of Financial Research, Management World, etc.


DONG Xiaoying
Assoc. Prof. Dong Xiaoying
Assoc. Prof. Dong Xiaoying is an Associate Professor in the department of management science and information systems in Guanghua School of Management of Peking University. She also serves with Peking University Development Strategy Institute of National High-Tech Development Zones as Vice President; Deputy Director of China Information Economics Society; Director of Research Center for Knowledge Management of China Information Economics Society; Expert Panel Member of Policy and Resource Working Committee of China Internet Network Information Center and Expert Panel Member of China Telecom Specialist Committee.


André B. van Niekerk, Ph.D.
André B. van Niekerk, Ph.D.
André B. van Niekerk, Ph.D., holds a Ph.D. from Michigan State University in Educational Administration/Marketing, a M.A. in Psychology/Counseling from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan, and a B.A. in Psychology, History and Music from Pacific Union College in Angwin, California. His field of expertise lies in both the Corporate World as well as Higher Education. He has been a college Dean and Vice President and has held positions in business and industry as Associate Director of UCLA Medical Center as well as the UCLA Medical Group. Dr. van Niekerk is considered to be one of the nation's foremost Product Development specialists with numerous nationally and internationally recognized products and services to his credit. His further expertise is focused on Luxury Brands – especially in the automotive industry where major clients, amongst others, include Mercedes-Benz, Smart, BMW, and Volvo.


Karen Kaigler-Walker, Ph.D.
Karen Kaigler-Walker, Ph.D.
Karen Kaigler-Walker, Ph.D., Assistant Dean, Professor of Marketing, earned an interdisciplinary Ph.D. from The Ohio State University in the fields of consumer behavior and social psychology. Her research has focused on the socio-cultural components of luxury goods consumption, and she has served as a consumer specialist with American and Chinese marketers of high-profile, luxury products and services. Her interest in China began in 1999 when she was invited to participate in a conference organized by the All China Women's Federation (ACWF). That same year, she began teaching marketing to delegations of Chinese businesspersons who were coming to Woodbury to be trained in Western business practices. Since 2006, she has focused her research on the Chinese women's market.


Satinder Dhiman, Ed.D.
Satinder Dhiman, Ed.D.
Satinder Dhiman, Ed.D., is Associate Dean, Chair & Director of the MBA Program and Professor of Management. He holds an Ed.D. from Pepperdine University's GSEP (Graduate School of Education and Psychology), and has completed advanced Executive Leadership Programs at Harvard, Stanford and Wharton. He also holds an AACSB Bridge to Business Post Doctoral Certificate from Tulane University's Freeman School of Business. His teaching and research focus is on leadership and organizational behavior with specific focus on workplace spirituality. He is the recipient of the 2004 ACBSP International Teacher of the year Award, Steve Allen Excellence in Education Award, 2006, and Excellence in Management Education Award, 2008, 2011, IPCSI, India.


Svetlana Holt, Ed.D.
Svetlana Holt, Ed.D.
Svetlana Holt, Ed.D., has fifteen years' experience in corporate training for performance improvement, quality control, small business administration, database management, student support, and new curricula design and evaluation. She is a registered practitioner for Mayer-Salovey Caruso emotional intelligence model of organizational development. Her research and publications topics include leadership in multicultural settings, emotional intelligence as it relates to organizational performance, and academic achievement in higher education. Dr. Holt holds a Bachelor's degree in Germanic Philology, a Master's degree in Business Administration, and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership.


Nathan Garrett, Ph.D.
Nathan Garrett, Ph.D.
Nathan Garrett, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Information Technology. His research focuses on educational technology and assessment. While primarily teaching the ‘Management of IT’ courses for the business school, he also is deeply interested in entrepreneurship and Internet startups. He earned his Ph.D. and M.A. from Claremont Graduate University, and B.A. from LeTourneau University. Dr. Garrett is the Assessment of Learning Officer for the School of Business and his most recent publication is also in this field.


Angelo A. Camillo, Ph.D.
Angelo A. Camillo, Ph.D.
Angelo A. Camillo, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Strategic Management. He holds an undergraduate degree from Heidelberg (Germany) School of Hotel Management, a MBA degree from San Francisco State University, and a Ph.D. degree from Oklahoma State University. He teaches courses in Strategy, Global Enterprise Management, Business Ethics, Organizational Behavior, and special topics in Hospitality Entrepreneurship and Business Development. His research encompasses three streams of interest that reflect his specializations and courses he teaches: Strategic Management (Mainstream), Industry Specific, and Cross-disciplinary. Research topics include Strategic and International Management, Food and Wine Business, Marketing Best Practices, Social Responsibility, and Ethics. He is also part of the Simulation team.


Joan Marques, Ed.D.
Joan Marques, Ed.D.
Joan Marques, Ed.D., serves as Director of the BBA Program and is Assistant Professor of Management. She holds an Ed.D. from Pepperdine University's Graduate School of Education and Psychology, an MBA from Woodbury University, and a B.Sc. in Business Economics from MOC, Suriname. She also holds an AACSB Bridge to Business Post Doctoral Certificate from Tulane University's Freeman School of Business. Her teaching focuses on leadership and organizational behavior, and her research interests pertain to the same areas with specific focus on workplace spirituality and awareness in management performance.