Masters Programs

The Carl Benz Academy invites you to participate in one of its tailor-made MBA programs where you will be immersed in real world challenges among a diverse community of leading professionals and academic staff. The Academy's team represents a world of innovation, creativity and belief in an energetic and intense process of individual and professional development that supports students across a range of business functions and responsibilities.

Being a student at the Carl Benz Academy means learning to solve issues that matter; exploring your strengths; developing new skills and expertise; and gaining confidence that will inspire and make the crowd follow you. During your experience at the Academy you will be expected to join not only classes, work shops and practical field trips, but also to demonstrate real leadership in a way that will set an example for the wider community.

If you ask yourself the question “what difference can I make in the world?” - then join us and find the answer at the Carl Benz Academy!

The Academy currently offers three unique MBA programs designed to meet the needs of you, our students, as well as those of your employer.

Which MBA program is right for you?