Founding Partners

Beijing Mercedes-Benz Sales Service Co. Ltd.

From the invention of the first car by Carl Benz in 1886 to the official establishment of the relationship between Mercedes-Benz and China, there is an exact 100-year leap. It seems destiny has finally been fulfilled.

In 1986, Mercedes-Benz (China) Ltd. was established in Hong Kong. With the growth of Mercedes-Benz's business in China, the Mercedes-Benz China headquarters were moved to Beijing in 2006. Devoted to meeting the needs of customers in the ever-growing Chinese market, Mercedes-Benz China has obtained all Mercedes-Benz product distribution rights for mainland China, HK and Macau.

Mercedes-Benz now offers the richest portfolio in the Chinese luxury car market, including the S-Class, long-wheel-base E-Class, C-Class, M-Class, GLK-Class, GL-Class, G-Class, SL-Class, SLK-Class, CLS-Class, E-Coupe, E-Cabriolet, R-Class, B-Class, A-Class, C-Class Estate, the high performance brand AMG, smart, and Maybach.

Mercedes-Benz relentlessly endeavors to meet the growing demand of Chinese customers through its diversified product strategy and global standard service. In addition, the company supports the five social pillars of environmental protection, education, culture, arts and sports, and the culture of driving, as well as charity and disaster relief, through the Mercedes-Benz Star Fund.


Mercedes-Benz Auto Finance Ltd.

Mercedes-Benz Auto Finance Ltd. is a full-service automotive finance company that exclusively provides Mercedes-Benz dealers and their customers with attractive financial services products that mirror the quality and image of the Mercedes-Benz brand.

“In today’s fast changing markets people need to stay on top of the latest developments to be ahead of the competition. I believe that the Carl Benz Academy is the right approach to achieve this goal”, says Dr. Wolf Bay, President and CEO of MBAFC. “Both Mercedes-Benz Auto Finance Ltd. and Mercedes-Benz China pride themselves on innovation, passion, and a commitment to excellence. The Best or Nothing! I am confident that, in working together, we will help our business partners in China succeed.” Like corporations around the world that are making a commitment to continuing education, Mercedes-Benz Auto Finance Ltd. places great emphasis on giving back. We are thrilled to partner with Mercedes-Benz China and three leading universities to support our business partners in the Carl Benz Academy initiative.

The focus on using a global position to advance the world is philanthropic, but it is also good for business. Education is an important contributor to sustainable corporate success. The Carl Benz Academy is a perfect example of how Mercedes-Benz Auto Finance Ltd. supports life long learning.


Lei Shing Hong Auto

LSH Auto is one of the first Mercedes-Benz car dealers in China. After ten years of development, LSH Auto has become a well-known dealer in the Chinese automotive industry.

In 2009, LSH Auto was ranked fourth in the list of top car dealers from the China Automobile Dealers Association for its excellent performance. In 2010, LSH Auto’s ranking moved further up to the third place on the list. In December 2010, LSH Auto was awarded the "2010 China Automobile Dealer” (中国汽车流通年度经销商集团) at the “2010 China Automobile Dealers Award” (中国汽车流通行业年度大奖) jointly-sponsored by the China Marketing Association, Sohu Auto, and the China Automobile Dealers Association.

Since its establishment of China's first international-standard Mercedes-Benz showroom and service center in Shanghai, LSH Auto has embarked on steady development. To date, LSH Auto has established an extensive Mercedes-Benz car dealership and service network in the northern, eastern and western regions of China, achieving rapid growth year by year.

LSH Auto is devoted to providing high-quality, professional and unique products and services to the customers to drive the overall performance and continuous development of the enterprise.

The company has always regarded its employees as its greatest form of assets, and is dedicated to building a talent development program that cultivates professionalism and a “people-oriented” approach. Focusing on the advancement of current employees as well as the nurturing of future talents in order to sustain its long-term business development, LSH Auto provides a valuable platform for employees to further their careers and live their dreams.