Meet the CBA

Prof. Ada Pellert, Founding President of the CBA, invites you to join us.

The Carl Benz Academy specializes in innovative and scientifically-based academic content for tailor-made corporate education. This includes a range of programs to support all aspects of employee development in the organization; from basic training in fundamental areas to specialized programs for executive employees such as customized postgraduate degrees.

The Academy uses innovative blended learning methods and the 'Situational Approach' - or practise-oriented learning - to provide managers with the flexibility to integrate further education into their professional lives, whilst giving them immediate benefits in the form of practical skills for their daily work. 

The Carl Benz Academy cooperates with renowned universities located in different countries; currently in China, Germany and the United States. This unique approach provides students with the opportunity to experience different cultures, organizational structures and business models that broaden their perspectives in both the professional and personal sense.

The Academy's students benefit from visits to three global metropolitan hubs: Berlin, Los Angeles and Beijing. In each city, students participate in face to face learning; join practical field trips; expand their networks and gain an impression of different cultural approaches.