Company Benefits

Customized education programs designed to meet corporate needs.

Team-up with classmates
Course development at the Carl Benz Academy is driven by a strong emphasis on industry and business-specific education. Curricula is designed based on the needs of students, as well as the needs of their organizations. The CBA’s academic staff has not only proven itself in the academic world, but continues to make a significant contribution to the corporate world. The amalgamation of scientific and corporate excellence at the Academy is one of the key benefits made available to students via the Carl Benz Academy's programs.

Our alliance with world-leading universities ensures innovative academic content and the best insights from three different continents. The Academy's blended learning and situational approach provides students with significant advantages over traditional learning methods: practise-oriented learning; flexibility to study in your own time; individualized support; frequent exchange with peers and academic staff and limited workplace absence.

Bring out your best at the CBA!
Students of the Academy are able to integrate further education into their professional and personal lives, whilst simultaneously gaining immediate benefits in the form of practical skills for their daily work. Furthermore, the recognition of employees via improved training and development opportunities has the potential to significantly enhance the motivation and satisfaction of participating employees. In the long-term, organizations will see increased loyalty and retention, improved performance, lower employee turnover and reduced human resource costs.

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